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The Masters and Me

Momotaro Koi Farm

Michio Maeda of Momotaro Koi Farm has the vision and enthusiasm to create very high class GoSanke. He is responsible for many All Japan Grand Champions including the first 1 meter GoSanke. Their technique in raising koi to it's true potential is second to none. In only a matter of about 10 years, they have become one of the leading breeders...

Momotaro Koi Farm

Daisuke Maeda, is also responsible for making Momotaro Koi Farm to be one of the best Nishikigoi breeders in Japan. Their passion for producing the best koi is a relentless effort that can't be ignored, and is always a threat at koi shows for the ultimate prize.

Dainichi Koi Farm

Dainichi Koi Farm is synonymous to koi. They have been creating not only beautiful koi for over 40 years. Their accomplishments in koi are astounding and many breeders seek out parent stock from Dainichi's Bloodline in order to play catch up. Since the second generation has taken over, the koi world was somewhat reluctant to say what the...


Also known as Yozen, is very well known for their Doitsu Ochiba Shigure.


Hoshiyone Koi Farm has been breeding koi for over 100 years. They produce high class showa and ginrin showa.

Isa Maruyo

Isa Maruyo has some very high class gosanke as well as others. His son is also now in the business, and will take over someday as the head guy.


Kase has been breeding very high class metallics that are sought after by both the Japanese and the Foreigners alike. To see the luster of his koi is really something else.


Hisashi Hirasawa worked under the infamous Mano of Dainichi Koi Farm for 18 years. He has since started his own farm and has been producing very high class gosanke, and other varieties for quite some time now. His bloodline still consists of Dainichi Broodstock.

Omosako Koi Farm

If you ask any serious hobbyist who the best Shiro Utsuri breeder is, the answer would be Omosako Koi Farm. Standing beside me is Omosako-san who together with father and brother always strives to make sure that there koi have no grey area.....just black and white.


Shinoda, also known as Ushizo is very well known for producing high class doitsu gosanke, hi utsuri and ginrin showa. He has won the coveted prize at the Nogyosai in 2000 with a ginrin showa.


Takano koi farm is very well known for his Budo Goromo. Upon seeing his Goromo stock, it's very apparent to see how he has gotten this title.

Takigawasan and me

Mr. Takigawa has been in the game for quite a while and really has some outstanding Nishikigoi. Although not too active in the show world, his koi do really well whenever he does have koi enter. His philosiphy is that once a koi leaves his premises, they never return. Biosecurity is top on his list so therefore, you don't see many koi at...


The Yagenji brothers are very well known for their Shiro Utsuri and Showa. They have been breeding new lines of kawarigoi that is sure to please a lot of hobbyists. Ones that I especially liked was the Cha Utsuri (Chagoi Utsuri).

Yamatoya and me

Pronounced "Yamato Ya" Mr. Sharaishi has some truly stunning gosanke. A showa which he produced was a top 5 competitor for Grand Champion in the 2008 Shinkokai All Japan show. This is a very high honor, and it also shows in the koi he produces that I've witnessed first hand. It was late in my travels so unfortunately have run low on funds,...