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Japanese Filter Mat

Probably one of the best of all the filtration media which is available today.

Extremely inert - and easy to service. It is available in sheet form and can be cut to the desired sizes to fit your filter chamber by using an ordinary Circular Saw

  • The best biological medium available.
  • Very firm and rigid.
  • Never need to replace.
  • Sinking.
  • Dimensions 80" x 40" x 1.45"



Koi Medic Salt Meter

Specially designed to measure salt concentration in ponds. Have accurate measurements of salt in the pond each and every single time. Removes the guessing game.

The Koi Medic salt meter provides accurate results and is very easy to use, simply turn on and hold in the pond. Within a couple seconds the LCD displays the salt concentration measured in percentage. Measures accurately from .01% to 1%