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Momotaro November 17, 2014 Auction

Published: Sat, 1 Nov 2014 22:11:13
By: Robinson Barreras

Momotaro Koi Farm will be having one of their very best auction this coming November 17, 2014. They will be auctioning off arguably their best ever produced showa at this auction and starting bid is 17million yen. Please see the website to see the koi being auctioned. I can bid on your behalf. If you have questions on how to bid, please don't hesitate to ask.
Momotaro November 17, 2014 Auction

mudpond raised
We have harvested many of our nisai now.
So far this is our best nisai this year and maybe best one ever.
This showa is 57cm and has a very good pattern with tsubo sumi.

Baby of Black Dragon(KokuRyu) Nisai 57cm.
We will enter this koi in our November auction.

We will upload this koi’s video on the site soon, please check back for more details.
Parent Koi: Black Dragon(KokuRyu)
6 years old 90cm ※This koi is from the same parent set as Lion Queen, but is one year younger.
Black Dragon(KokuRyu)
2years old 57cm

Second Autumn 2014 Momotaro Koi Farm Dealer Auction
We will have our second auction of the Autumn on November 19th here at Momotaro Koi Farm.
The auction will start at 10:00 a.m.
This auction will feature high class tosai as well as other tosai, 2,000 in total.
We will also auction off 20 special high class nisai with a start price of 1,000,000yen and above.

We will have the pictures of the auction nisai on the website soon, please continue to check back for more updates and information.

As always, this is dealer auction.
Hobbiests should contact Momotaro Koi dealers for bidding information, please see the agents page for contact information of our dealers.
We look forward to seeing everyone in November.

Please contact us for bidding information. We can bid on your behalf.

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