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80+cm Hi Utsuri

Very nice Hi Utsuri especially being very large.

A Kohaku bred by SFF

Here's a nice kohaku that I'm sure isn't the last time we'll see it.

Beauty Smile

This is Beauty Smile

Best in variety Sanke

This sanke took Best in Variety, therefore is the number one sanke in Japan bred by Momotaro Koi Farm.  The picture doesn't do this sanke any justice.  The body in the picture doesn't look like it has any volume, but if seen in the flesh, the head is really large creating a small body conformation.

Big Rose

Big Rose

champion asagi

This Asagi is around 85cm.

champion asagi

Here's another very large asagi that's very clean.

Champion Maruten Kohaku

This Kohaku took a prestigious prize also.

Champion Shiro Utsuri

Very nice Shiro Utsuri about 25inches.


nice kohaku, I don't believe this one took place. Gives you the idea of the competition.

Kokugyo Sanke

Very popular sanke bred by Momotaro Koi Farm. I believe it took 85 bu Kokugyo.

Rose Queen Kohaku

Here is an awesome Kohaku bred by SFF


This sanke also won a prestigious award.

SFF Shiro Utsuri

Here are some random pictures at the koi show.

Ueno Showa

Here is an Ueno bred showa that was 89cm at the last All Japan (36th)

Yokozuna (SFF parent koi)

This is a parent Kohaku from Sakai Fish Farm named Yokozuna.